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To My Wonderful Wife. I Wish You A Birthday Bright As A Diamond, Sparkling Like A Star, And So Special That You Will Still Be Smiling About It When Your Next Birthday Comes Along! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom No One Can Ever Take Your Place In My Heart. I Love You Forever And Ever. No Matter Where I Go Or Who I Meet, You Will Always Be Number One To Me.

Mom I Want To Thank You For All This Years You Raised Me. I Really Appreciate It And Admire You. You’re An Amazing Person And My Heart Is Filled With Warmth When I Thinking Of You. Thank You For That Feeling And Happy Birthday Mom.

For Every Year Of My Life, You've Easily Won The "Best Mother Of The Year" Award. No One Comes Even Within A Mile Of Your Winning Ways. Wishing You A Birthday As Great As You Are, Mom.

To The Best Dad In The World, Thank You For Being There For Me. For Urging Me To Be Better And Fight Harder. I Wouldn’t Be Who I Am Without Your Kind Words And Wise Guidance. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, You're The Greatest. It's Not Just Because You're There For Me Through Good Times And Bad. It's Also Because You Make The Bad Times Good With Your Amazing Love And Support. Happy Birthday Dad!

The Many Meanings But The Word Is Small, Dad, You Are The Best You Know, I May Not Show, But I Love You To The Core, Wish You A Lovely Birthday! Keep Smiling Dad!

Having A Daughter Means.. Seeing A Thousand Rainbows Every Day, A Thousand Occasions Of Sweet Hurray, A Thousand Sweet Dreams Every Night, And A Thousand Reasons To Laugh And Smile! Happy Birthday To You, My Angel!

Cute And Pretty, Beautiful And Lovely. Charming And Bubbly, Innocent And Friendly. My Dear Daughter, You Are All Of The Above, Endless For You Is Our Love. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday To You My Lovely Daughter. May Your Day Be Filled With Happiness And Love. May All Your Wishes And Dreams Be Fulfilled On Your Special Day As Ours Were The Day You Were Born.

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