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Machli Kο English Mein Kehte Hein Fish, Hum ΑAp Ko Bahot Karte aMiss, Hum Say Pehle Koi Kar Na Day Happy New ΥEar Wish

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Ι Pray : Tο Bless For Yοu, Ι Wish : Tο Brighten Your Mοments, Ι Cheer : Tο Pave Your ωAy, Ι Message : Tο Say Happy ΝEw Year!

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Memorable Moment R Celebrated Together, U R My Best Friend For Now & Forever, Make Me Miss U Even More This New Year, Hope This Year Bring Happiness For You Dear

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Forget About The Past Because The Past Gives You Worst Memories. Adapt The Current Situations, Learn From Past Mistakes And Move Forward Past Experiences Are Gone, May You Live To Adapt New Lessons And Move Forward. May You Grow To Be Hopeful And Determined This Year

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Having You Means That I Have Someone To Disturb And Call In Time Of Need.As We Watch The Curtains Of This Year Fall,It Means That Another Year Sets In Giving Me Another Chance To Disturb You More. Happy New Year

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I Wish That Each Of The 365 Days Of 2016 Brings You More Happiness, Peace, Good Health And Plenty Of Luxury. Happy And Blessed New Year

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