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I Never Saw So Sweet A Face As That I Stood Before. My Heart Has Left Its Dwelling Place And Can Return No More. Be With Me Forever.. Happy Propose Day.

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Is Din Ka Besabri Se Intzar Hai... Humara Dil Bhut Bekrar hai ... kyunki Hume Tumse Pyar Hai... I love you ... Happy Valentine's Day... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !:-)

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Tera Ye Meetha Sa Pyaar, Laya Hai Mere Jeevan Me Bahar Is Pyaar Ki Mithas Hai Ek Waar, Chocolate Day Pe Mai Karta Hu Pyaar Ka Izhaar. Happy Chocolate Day

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Love Is Like A Sweet Chocolate, It Leaves Sweeter Taste In Life, To Put A Sweet Bite For Next Time & It Makes Our Mind&Heart Feel Sweet! Happy Chocolate Day.

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I Want You To Retain Your Sweetness Like The Most Precious Chocolate. I Dont Want To Lose You In My Life. Always Stay With Me. Happy Chocolate Day..

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Life Counts All The Roads We Travel. Sum Are Smooth, Sum Are Rough Sum I Would Rather 4get But There’s 1 Road I Won’t Regret-d Road Where We Met and Became Friendz. Happy Propose Day

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