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Warriors. Wakeup.. It's Time For The Battle! Refill Ur Pens, Clear The Dust From Your Text Books, See Your Syllabus & Plan Your Zones.. War Begins In 17 Days..!

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If A Paper Comes Very Tough In Exam. Just Close Your Eyes For A Moment. Take A Deep Breath And Say Loudly. . . This Is A Very Interesting Subject, I Want To Study It Again.

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Exams Are Like Girl Friends – Too Many Questions – Difficult To Understand – More Explanation Is Needed – Result Is Always Fail! :-0

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Teacher : Childrens Exams Are Nearing If U Have Any Doubt U Can Ask Me.. Santa: In Which Printing Press The Question Paper Are Printed?

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Wats D Height Of Hope?? It Is: Sitting In The Exam Hall, Holding The Question Paper In Hand N Tellin Ur Self "Dude,dont Worry. Exams Will Get Postponed!"

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Two Reasons To Give Exam: 1. You Can Spend 3 Hours In Self Meditation. . . 2. You Can See Your Teachers Being Bored... Who Usually Bore You...

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