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Story Guyss Its Damn Heart Touching ♥ Girl: I Miss You. Boy: And So? Girl: I Really Did. Boy: Ok. Girl: I’m Sorry. Boy: What For? Girl: For Ignoring Your Efforts To Communicate With Me. Boy: Its Ok. I Got Used To It, Then I Got Tired, So I Stopped Trying And Started Forgetting. Girl: I.. Girl: I Tried To Forget About You, You See. We Can Never Be… Boy: Its Ok. Girl: Why Is It So Ok? Boy: I Got Used To Days Hoping You’d Be Back, But Then You Never Did. I Started Facing Reality, And Started To Get A Move On. Girl: Wait Am I Too Late? Boy: Too Late For What? Girl: To Court You? Boy: You Know, I’ve Always Wanted To Hear That From You. Back Then, A Years Ago. But I Got Used To Only Wishing For It..then Realized It Would Never Happen, So I Stopped Hoping. Girl: I’m Really Sorry, But Dont Worry, This Time, I Will Make Your Wishes Come True. Boy: Thats Not Possible..i Have Got Someone In Ma Life... Girl: Its Great For You.. Who Is She? When I'll Meet Her? Boy: She Doesn't Want To Meet You Any Day. Girl: Why? What I Have Done To Her? Boy: She Doesn't Want To Meet You Any Day. Girl: Why? What I Have Done To Her? Boy: (Slowly Replied) She Just Don't Wanna Meet The One Who Did Hurt Me The Most.. Its My Turn To Say Sorry. Time Got Into Me. You’ve Broken My Heart Already. I Cant Risk Experiencing That Again. Thank You Anyway. For Communicating With Me After A Years Of Silence .. She Kept Her Head Down And Went Silently. After She Left The Boy Out Her Picture Kept In His Wallet Some Tears Rolled Down When He Whispered 'Its Still You'....:(

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Boy: Please Smile... Girl: Leave Me Alone. Boy: (Crying) When Will You Smile? Girl: When You Will Die... Just Leave Me Alone. (The Boy Went Home...) Next Morning She Got His Dead Body With A Letter In Which It Was Written You Know My Style, I Can Do Anything To Make You Smile... :)

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Cute Story A Middle Class Boy Asks His High Class Girlfriend: "If I Go Very Poor, Will You Accept Me?" Girl Hugs Him And Says I Am Always With You...... Boy: If A Very Rich Boy Proposes You? Girl Kissed The Boy And Says, "I Am Sure That Would Be You.."

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Wadiyon Se Suraj Nikal Aaya Hai, Fizon Mein Naya Rang Chhaya Hai, Khamosh Kyon Ho Ab To Muskurao, Aap Ko Good Morning Kehne Hamara Sms Aaya Hai.

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Pyari Si *.Pehli Morning Me. *.Thandi Thndi *.Hawao Me *.Pyari Si *.Roshni Me. *.Pyar Bhri* .Duaon K Sath.* *.Sabse Pahle *.ApKo Pyari si good morning.

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Welcome morning with a Smile On Your Face, Love in Your Heart, Good thoughts in your Mind and You Will have A wonderful day. Good morning :)

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