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A Boy & A Girl Loved Each Other Very Much… Unfortunately The Boy Died… Girl Was Upset Too Much & She Couldn’t Stop Her Tears… She Kept On Crying Every Day… Many People Gave Sympathy But No Argument Could Stop Her Tears One Night She Slept & Had A Dream…… She Saw The Guy In Heaven With So Many Guys Of His Age…… He Felt Relaxed…… But She Noticed That Every Guy Was In Fairy Dress……& Had A Lightened Candle In Their Hand…… But Her Guy Had A Candle Which Was Not Lightened… She Asked Him:;”Why Your Candle Is Not Lightened?… He Said:-”Whenever I Lighten My Candle My Candle Your Tears Falls On It” Please Don’t Cry For Whom You Really Love” “Because They Don’t Want You Too”

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Staying Far Never Breaks Relation, Staying Near Never Builds Relation.. Its A Link Between Hearts Which Never Allows Us To Forget Each Other..!

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Sometimes We Maintain Silence To Protect A Beautiful Relation, But We Forget Too Much Of Silence Creates A Distance In Every Beautiful Relation.

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The Fate Of Love Is That It Is Always Too Little Or Too Much. Don’t Live Your Life With Someone You Want To Live With; Live It With Someone You Can’t Live Without.

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Sab Ke Dilme Samana Nahi Chahiye, Khud Ko Kisi Ka Tohfa Banana Nahi Chahiye.. Reedh Ki Haddiyan Bhi Chitakhne Lage, Khud Ko Itna Jhukana Nahi Chahiye.. Jis Bulandi Pe Jake Insaan Chota Lage, Us Bulandi Pe Insaan Ko Jana Nahi Chahiye!

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Koi Nahi Hota Hamesha Ke Liye Kisi Ka, Likha Hai Saath Thoda Thoda Sabhi Ka.. Mat Banao Kisi Ko Apne Jeene Ki Wajah, Kyuki Jeena Hai Akele Ye Usool Hai Zindgi Ka!

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