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Boy : Am 20 Years Old And You? Girl : Me Also 20 Year Old Boy : Then Lets Go? Girl : Where? Boy : Bedroom... Girl : Why ? Boy : Lets Play 20-20.

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Sehwag's Concept: "DO R DIE" Raina's Concept: "DO B4 U DIE" Sachin's Concept: "DONT DIE, UNTIL U DO" Yuvraj's Concept: "WAT TO DO!!!????" keep smiling.

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Life Is A Cricket Don't Loose Your "Wicket" Try To Get "Century" Never Forget Ur "Boundary" Even If U R "Run Out" Never Become Mood Out.

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Two Lovers Are Going For A Walk In The Wood. The Romantic Young Girl Whispers : - Listen How Beautiful Is The Singing Of Crickets ! - That Are Not Crickets, Darling, But Zippers...

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Haters are like crickets.... Crickets make a lot of noise,,,, you hear it but you can't see them. Then right when you walk by them, they're quiet....:)

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