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I Will REMEMBER Him NOT As The One Who BROKE My Heart BUT As The One Who TAUGHT Me HOW To LIVE With Broken Heart STILL.. LOVE YOU SWT HEART.

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Love hurts when you breakup with someone. Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you But love hurts the most, when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

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Kadam kadam pe baharon ne saath chhoda, zaroorat padne par yaaron ne saath chhoda, vaada kiya sitaron ne saath dene ka, subah hone par sitaron ne bhi saath choda.

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Zara Si Zindgi Hai Arman Bahot Hai, Hmdrd Nhi Koi Par Insan Bahot Hai, DiL Ka Drd Sunaye Kisko, Jo Shaks DiL K Qareeb Hai Wo Anjan Bahot Hai!

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Geele kagaz ki tarah hai zindgi apni, Koi likhta bhi nahi koi jalata bhi nahi. Is kadar akele ho gaye hai hum ajkal, Koi satata bhi nahi koi manata bhi nahi.

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What to do when it feels What to do when it does not heals Every sweet moment of life it steals But heart has only love where it deals.

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