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I Made A Cup ( Of Coffee )) Specially _((_ For U. D___l There Is No Sugar, But Don't Worry, The Sender Is Sweet GUD MORNING...

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Hawaaon Ke Haath Ik Armaan Bheja Hai Roshni Ke Zariye Ik Paigam Bheja Hai. Fursat Miley Toh Kabool Kar Lena, Is Nacheez Ne Subah Ka Salaam Bheja Hai.

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Hello, Wake Up, Receive My Simple Gift Of 'Good Morning' Wrapped With Sincerity, Tied With Care And Sealed With A Prayer To Keep U Safe And Happy All Day Long! Take Care!

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New Day New Blessing. Don't Let Yesterdays Failures Ruin The Beauty Of Today, Because Each Day Has Its Own Promise Of Love, Joy, Forgiveness Good Morning

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Sending U 1000 Smiles Take 1 For Now & Keep The Remaining 999 Under Ur Pillow, Pick Out 1 Every Morning Coz I Want 2 See U Smiling Always. Good Morning

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It is a S''imple'' M''ind touching'' I''nteractive'' L''ong lasting'' E''ffect which Wins the hearts.. Yes..Its your ''SWEET SMILE'' So Keep smiling always, good morning!

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