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Boy: You Look Exactly Like My Wife.... Girl: Ohhh... What's Your Wife's Name? Boy: I'm Not Married Yet... ;-) Moral: Learn New Methods To Propose..! :)

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Cute Romantic Lines By A Flirt To His Gf: "I Love You So Much That I See Your Face In Other Girls 'n So I Cant Stop Myself From Loving Them Also"...

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I Miss U, I Kiss U, I Love 'U' I Like U, Pareshan Mat Hona, Sorry, Mera Mobile Daaru Ke Glass Mai Gir Gaya Tha, Tab Se Behki Behki Bate Kar Raha

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If U Read, You Owe Me A Hug, If U Delete, You Owe Me A Kiss, If U Save, You Owe Me A Date, If U Return Txt Msg 2 Me, You Owe Me All, But If You Ignore, U R Mine! So What Will U Do?...

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Teray Liye Chand Taray Tor Doon, In Hawaon Ka Rukh Mor Doon, Itna Kafi Hai Ya Do Char Jhoot Aur Bol Doon.

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Dosti Karo College Wali Se, Pyar Karo Office Wali Se, Programe Karo Pados Wali Se, Ankh Ladao Sali Se, Love Karo Dilwali Se, Aur Mar Khao Ghar Wali Say.

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