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I M Sorry My Friend I Made You Mad I M Sorry Darling You Are So Sad Sorry For Not Giving You Any Happiness Sorry Because Its My Disgrace

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I Think I'm Disturbng U Alw. Sorry Dis Is My Last Msg & I Wil Not Msg U Any More Gud Bye Nvr Expect This Frm Me Im Born2dstrb U.

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Feeling Sorry For Yourself, And You Present Condition, Is Not Only A Waste Of Energy But The Worst Habit You Could Possibly Have.

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I am sorry, I know very few ways To love you, but in every single way . I love you from my deep deep heart . There is none in my Heart but you! . If its not enough for you, I guess then am not the one!

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I have all ways made mistakes so has every one but my biggest mistake is letting you go and if you take me back I will never make a mistake as big as this one ever again. I AM SORRY.

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I'm Sorry To Be Smiling Every Time You're Near. I'm Sorry My Eyes Twinkle Whenever You're Here. I'm Sorry That Cupid Has Made His Hit. I'm Sorry I Love You, I Can’t Help It.

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