Season SMS [Spring SMS]

April showers bring may flowers bt after he loved u 4 all those hours... he went & loved her.. so.. april showers bring may flowers.. bt only he will bring u powers.. 2 let ur heart garden grow..

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4 Winter's Rains & Ruins R Over & All Da Season Of Snows & Sins Da Days Dividing Lover & Lover Da Light Dat Loses, Da Night Dat Wins.

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Spring is everywhere in East & West, Spring has da smell of a treasure quest, leaves of Spring in a treasure chest. & all of da fruits of Spring, I would really like 2 test.

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Ur Ringt1's Singing Melody Of Days Of Old, Ur Smses R Long Winding Paths 2 S2ries Yet Un2ld. Dis Msg Is In Plaintext Yet U R Bright & Bold.

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May Da Spring Of Ur Love B Tender & Sweet, Da Summer B Rich & Fulfilling & Deep, Da Autumn B Warm & Rewarding, Complete, & Always...

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Spring is da Period Express from God. Among da other seasons Himself abide, Bt during March & April None stir abroad Without a cordial interview With God.

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