Day Wishes SMS [Good Friday SMS]

Jesus Drew The Sinful Expectations Of The World Unto Himself Absorbed Them & Bore Them On The Cross His Death Was The Death Of Sin Itself Let’s Pray To Him And Make Our Faith Strong Have A Blessed Good Friday!

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Thinking Of You On Good Friday And Praying That The Lord Keeps You In His Loving Care Always.

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His Life Still Gives Us Hope, May You Live In His Unchanging Love. May Jesus Who Was Born In A Manger Be Born Again In Your Heart. Good Friday!

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Good Friday Marks The Slaying Of Our Jesus The Unblemished Lamb, The Perfect Sacrifice. He Took Our Guilt And Blame Upon Himself So We Could Be With Him In Paradise.

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Praying That The Lord Fills Your Heart With Peace ... Holds You In His Love And Blesses Oyu With His Grace... On This Holy Day And Always Good Friday

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He Showed Us The Way, He Has Long Been Gone, And Yet In Our Hearts His Name Shines On.. Wish U A Holy Friday!

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