Day Wishes SMS [Father's Day SMS]

Happy Father’s Day, Here’s A Little Song To Say "Happy, Happy Father’s Day" No One’s Father Is So Sweet. Your Kind Ways Just Can’t Be Beat. Happy Happy Father’s Day; I Love You In A Big Way!!

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Happy Father’s Day Means More Than Flowers And Gifts It Means Saying ‘Thank You’ It Means Saying ‘I Love You’ You Are The Best Dad, And My Best Friend Today Is Your Day. Let’s Celebrate It Together.

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Do U Know Whats The Meaning Of Family? F = Father A = And M = Mother I = I L = Love Y = You

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God Gave Me The Greatest Gift I Ever Had, God Gave Me A Best Friend In The Form Of My Dad. Father’s Day Wishes For A Dad Who Is One In A Million!

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Daddy, I Love You For All That You Do. I'll Kiss You And Hug You Cause You Love Me, Too. You Feed Me And Need Me To Teach You To Play, So Smile Cause I Love You On This Father's Day.

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Father Means F= Forever With His Family A= Always There For You No Matter What T= The Only One Who's There H= He's My Hero Till The End E= Encouraging In Everything I Do R= Really The Only One? No One Can Beat Him He Isthe Best!!! Happy Father's Day

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