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Nothing In This World Could Ever Be As Wonderful As The Love You've Given Me Your Love Makes My Days So Very Bright, Just Knowing You're My Darling Husband. Happy Anniversary.

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I Love U Are Words Just Three, Which Mean So Much On Our ANNIVERSARY. So This Is What I Want To Say, Live In My Heart N There 4 Ever Stay.

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If men behave after marriage the way they do before it, half the divorces won't take place.. On the other hand, If women behave before marriage the way they do after it, half the marriages won't take place ;)

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4 Stages Of Marriage: Mad For Each Other. Made For Each Other. Mad At Each Other. Mad Bcoz Of Each Other.

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Before Marriage:- He: Yes! Atlast It Was So Hard 2 Wait She:do You Want Me 2 Leave? He: No! Don't Even Think About It She: Do You Love Me ? He:ofcourse! Over N Over! She:have U Ever Cheated On Me? He:no!y R U Even Asking? She:will U Go On Wid Me On Picnic? He:every Chance I Get! She:will U Hit Me ? He:r U Crazy?i'm Not That Kind Of Person! She:can I Trust U? He:yes.. She: Darling! After Marriage... Now Simply Read From Bottom To Top

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A Successful Marriage Is Based On Give & Take: Where Husband Gives Money, Gifts, Dresses N Wife Takes It & Where Wife Gives Advices, Lectures, Tensions & Husband Takes It..!!

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