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Another year of companionship is here Grow strong in love, shed away each fear I am sending my blessing and love too A Happy Anniversary to the two of you.

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Its a day my girl found her man Sending you wishes as many as I can Your togetherness makes us gald A perfect family we could have ever had Happy Anniversary.

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Love and companionship goes long An eternally beautiful life song May you find joy in each other Accept blessing from father and mother Happy Anniversary

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When I look at you, my dear It doesn't seem like you've aged To me you're just as beautiful As the day we became engaged. Happy Anniversary..

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How True My Feelings Were I Found Out To Be The Best Thing In My Life Was When You Married Me Thank You My Loving Wife/loving Husband, For The Years We Share I Know One Thing For Sure We Make A Wonderful Pair

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The day that changed in my life The day that brought happiness in my life The day when I proposed you Is today and now I am with you Days have passed on, years have gone But my love has not been changed for you And still I can propose you "I Love You"

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