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I Still Cherish The Day I Married You Without You Love, What Would I Do Thanks For Being A Part Of Me You’ve Made Me Special, You Set Me Free Happy Aniversary.

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Living With You Has Been A Sheer Bliss On Our Anniversary I Want To Say This Thanks For Making Life So Much Fun Thanks For Being My Everything And Everyone.

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Love, Life And Loads Of Luck Happiness, Friends And A Big Big Hug I Have Collected It All On My Way To Gift You On Our Anniversary Day. Love You!

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Come Everyone Let’s Give A Cheer, In Celebration Of A Couple Dear. A Couple Who In Love Unite, And Are Seldom Cross And Hardly Fight. To A Couple Who Bring Joy To All, May You Laugh And Sing And Have A Ball. May Happiness Surround You Two, That Is What I Wish For You

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There are few who are so lucky To have the things you do, Companionship and friendship, And loving feelings, too. As friends we wish these pleasures Will last forevermore, For we know that you will ever be A couple whom we adore.. Happy Anniversary..

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Life bestows love’s blessing, On a very special few. And I believe it happened, When life encountered you. You are a perfect couple, In a marriage that is blessed; May your love shine like a beacon, A guide for all the rest.

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