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One Day You’ll Realize That My Love Is True. One Day You’ll Realize That You’ll Need Me Too. One Day You’ll See What Worth I Am To You.. One Day You’ll Feel The Longing That I Once Feel When You Leave Me. I Wish That One Day You’ll Love Me Too The Way I Do...

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Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever Boy And Girl On The Phone Girl: I Love You. Boy: I Love You Too ,So Wanna Go Somewhere Tonight For Our 7th Anniversary? Girl: Yeah...where? Boy: I Dont Know...maybe Movie Then Dinner? Girl: Ok. Boy: Ill Pick You Up After I Get Off And Get Ready Ok? Girl: Ok. What Time Do You Get Off? Boy: In 2 Hours And Then I Gotta Go Home And Yeah Get Ready Which Takes About 15-20 Minutes... Girl: Hey...i Thought You Didnt Have Work Today... Boy: One Of My Co-workers Called In Sick. Girl: Oh Okay! So Ill See You Around 7:30 Then? Boy: Yeah! And Babe? Girl: Yeah? Boy: I Love You. Girl: I Love You Too! Boy: Ok My Manager Is Like Looking At Me So Yeah.... I Gotta Go. Girl: Ok Bye. Boy: Bye. 2 Hours Later... The Guy Drives To His Girlfriends House And Walks Up To The Door And Rings Bell. Girl: Hey! Boy: Ready? Girl: Yes They Both Watched A Movie And Ate Dinner...once They Were Done Eating They Head Back To The Car But Before She Got Into The Car... Boy: Wait! Can I Blindfold You? Girl: Why??! Boy: Its A Surprise. Girl: What Kind Of Surprise? Boy: A Big One. Girl: Okay But Only If You Promise Me That You Will Hold My Hand While We're Driving. Boy: I Promise. Girl: Ok Blindfold Me... So They Drove Off...........a Nd Then They Stopped. Boy: Ok We're Here! Girl: Where? Boy: Wait Let Me Walk You To The Place! Girl: What Place? Boy: Somewhere! The Boy Walks Her To The Place. Boy: Ok...let Me Take The Blindfold Off. Girl: Where Are We? He Takes It Off Her And She Opens Her Eyes And Sees The View Of The City And At That Same Spot...that's Where He First Asked Her To Be His Girlfriend.... Girl: Omg...(tears Come Down) Boy: Why Are You Crying? Girl: This Is Where You First Asked Me Out... Boy: What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (He Asked On His Knees And After He Says That...behind The Air It Says "Will You Marry Me?" In Fireworks) Girl: (Tears Come Down Faster) Boy: I Wasnt At Work When You Called Me...i Was Planning This Whole Thing! Girl: Get Up! Boy: Yeah? Girl: (Hugged Him) Boy: Is That A Yes Or A No? Girl: Yes ♥.. Thumbs Up The Proposing Story..

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A Sad Love Story: There Were Two Lovers Who Decided To End Their Relationship. After Many Years When The Boy Got Married, His Ex G.f Approached Him 'N Said: "How Dare You Use My Favorite Color As The Theme Of Your Wedding ..! How Dare You Use My Favorite Flowers As Youe Decoration! How Dare You Set The Date I Proposed You As Your Wedding Day 'N How Dare You Use Our Song For The Ceremony ?? The Boy Cried 'N Said "Because This Is The Only Way I Could Pretend To My Heart That I'm Getting Married To You..!"

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Once There Was A Girl Who Felt Insecure About Her Bf's Ex-gf Whom She Was Compared To. Obviously The Ex-gf Is More Talented Than Her, Maybe Even More Good Looking..! One Night, She Asked Her Bf, "She's Everything That You've Been Dreaming Of. Why Did You Let Her Go?" Her Bf Stopped And Smiled, & Said: "Yes, She's Everything I've Been Dreaming Of But You're Everything I've Been Praying For.

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Beautiful Story... A Very Poor Man Lived With His Wife. One Day, His Wife, Who Had Very Long Hair Asked Him To Buy Her A Comb For Her Hair To Grow Well And To Be Well Groomed. The Man Felt Very Sorry And Said No. He Explained That He Did Not Even Have Enough Money To Fix The Strap Of His Watch He Had Just Broken. She Did Not Insist On Her Request. The Man Went To Work And Passed By A Watch Shop, Sold His Damaged Watch At A Low Price And Went To Buy A Comb For His Wife. He Came Home In The Evening With The Comb In His Hand Ready To Give To His Wife. He Was Surprised When He Saw His Wife With A Very Short Hair Cut. She Had Sold Her Hair And Was Holding A New Watch Band. Tears Flowed Simultaneously From Their Eyes, Not For The Futility Of Their Actions, But For The Reciprocity Of Their Love. Moral: To Love Is Nothing, To Be Loved Is Something But To Love And To Be Loved By The One You Love, That Is Everything. Never Take Love For Granted.

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Read Must Touching Love Story. Girlfriend: Hey ­ Babe, How Much Do You Love Me..? Boyfriend: Alot­ Girlfriend: How ­Much..? Boyfriend: To Infinity & Beyond.. Girlfriend: Oh Okay.. Boyfriend: Why Baby..? . . Girlfriend: Oh Nothing , I Just Wanted To Know.. Boyfriend: Is There Something Wrong..? Girlfriend: No, It's Just That.. Boyfriend: What­..? . Girlfriend: I Can't Tell You.. Boyfriend: Tell ­ Me Baby, Trust It Something Bad..? . Girlfriend: No.­.it's Good To Me.. Boyfriend: Then ­ Just Tell Me..? . Girlfriend: Oka­y..i Think I Might Be Pregnant.. Boyfriend: *Gets Offline* . Girlfriend: Gets Sad & Worried . Him:"5 Hours Pass *He Knocks On The Girls Door* . Girlfriend Opens The Door . Boyfriend On One Knee . Boyfriend: will You Marry Me.. ?? . Girlfriend Hugs Him With Teary Eyes And Says Yes . Boyfriend Hugs Her Tight And Says I Love U More Then Anything

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