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Dil Me Aap Ho Aur Koi Khas Kaise Hoga, Yado Me Apke Shiva Koi Pas Kaise Hoga, Hichkiya Kehti H Aap Yad Karte Ho Par Bologe Nhi To Ehsas Kaise Hoga.

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Every Time I Hear My Masseg Tone. I Always Hope I Of Them Comes For You . My Phon Has Limited Memory But My Heart Unlimited For You.

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U May Find Some1 Better Than Me, Worse Than Me, More Exciting Than Me Or So Much More Different Than Me. But There Will Never Be Another Person The Same As Me.

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Maa Aapki Yaad Satati Hai, Mere Paas Aa Jaao, Thak Gaya Hoon, Mujhe Apne Aanchal Main Sulao, Ungliyaan Apni Pher Kar Baalon Mein Mere, Ek Baar Phir Se Bachpan Ki Loriyaan Sunaao.

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Log Marne Ke Baad Janat Mein Jana Chahate Hai... Or Main Bachpan Se Janat Mein Rehraha Hu Kyu Ki Main Meri "Maa" Ke Kadmo Ko Jannat Manta Hu

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Ємρтιиєѕѕ At 3 Years We Say "Mummy I Love You" At 14 Years We Say "Mum Whatever, At 16 Years We Say "My Mum Is So Annoying!" At 18 Years We Say "I'm Leaving This House", At 21 We Say "Mum, You Were Right", At 30 Years We Say "I Want To Go To Mums House At 50 Years We Say "I Don't Want To Lose My Mum" At 70 We Say "I Would Give Up Everything To Have My Mum Here With Me", You Only Have One Mum. Press Like If I U Love Ur Mom

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