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"What Each Kiss Means" Kiss On The Forehead: We're Cute Together Kiss On The Cheek: We're Friends. Kiss On The Hand: I Adore You. Kiss On The Neck: I Want You, Now. Kiss On The Shoulder: Your Perfect. Kiss On The Lips: I LOVE YOU...

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First Kiss Is Usually A Big Deal Because It Is Your First Real Physical Contact With Someone... There Is No Defined Time About When You Should Have Your First Kiss... It All Depends On The Way You Feel About A Person U Love To Kiss.

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Kiss Is Not Like Nokia Just Connecting People, Not Like Nike Just Do It, Not Like Pepsi Yeh Dil Mange More, But Kiss Is Like Lays No One Can Eat Just One

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Ladki Ladke Ko Kiss Karti He, To Ladke Ke Gal Pe Lipstick Lag Jati He. Ladka Kehta He Ye Kya Kiya? Ladki: Agar Kuch Acha Karne Se Dag Lagta He To Dag Ache He

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A Kiss Is A Upper Preparation For A Lower Invasion That Will Lead To Further Penetration With Fast Acceleration That Will Build The Next Generation.

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If I Reached For Your Hand,will U Hold It ? If I Hold Out My Arms,will U Hug Me ? If I Go For Your Lips, Will U Kiss Me?

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