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"Girl: How much do you love me? Boy: Look up at the sky. Girl: Don't change the subject! Boy:Just do it!... Girl: Alright! What am I looking at? Boy: Count how many stars there are. Girl: Impossible. Boy: So is explaining how much I love you."

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Hum Aashik Har Kam Me Kamal Kar De, Jo Wada Kare Wo Pura Har Hal Me Kar De, Kya Jarurat H Ladkiyo Ko Lipstik Lagane Ki, Hum Chum-chum Ke Hi Hoth Lal Kar De.

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,¤, ¤,, (‘v‘) < ‘ ) (( )) (( )) >-*-*—-**– “1 kaAm karun?“ ¤ , ¤, ( ‘< <‘ ) (( )) (( )) >*-*—**– "Honth paR" "I Kiss You"

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In A Kiss- 0.7gm Protein 0.45gm Fat 0.19gm Chemical 0.50 Variety Of Bacteria Will Die This Is True. So Catch Ur Lover Start Kissing & Be Healthy

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Seasons Will Change Colours Will Fade, But One Thing That Will Never Change, The Way I Feel About U.. And One Thing That Will Never Fade, That Is My Love For You.I Love You So Much.

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Kitna Pyaar Hai Unse Kash Wo Jaan Le, Wo He Hai Zindagi Mere Ye Baat Maan Le, Unko Dene Ke Liye Kuch Nhi Mere Paas, Bas Ek Jaan Hai Jab Jee Chahe Maang Le!

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