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Khushi Aapke Liye Gum Mere Liye Zindagai Aapke Liye Mout Mere Liye Muskurana Aap Ke Liye…ansu Mere Liye Sab Kuchh Aap Liye aap Mere Liye.

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Guy: Hey. Is Ur Name Google..? . . Girl: No.. . . Guy: But U Have All The Things I'm Searching For...!

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Is Garden Me Phool To Bahut The, Lekin Hame Gulab Pasand Hai, Is Shehar Me Ladkiya To Bahut Hai... Lekin Hame Aap Pasand Hai....?

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Boy: Can I Have A *Hug* ? Girl: No Boy: Did You Hear What I Said ? Girl: Yes ! Boy: What Did I Say ? Girl: Can I Have A *Hug* Boy: Yes, You May....!!!

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Cute Flirt Boy Askd His Grlfrind Tumhari Smile Mcdonalds Se Aayi H Kya? Girl: Gets Confused And Ask Why? Boy: Becoz I M Loveing It.!

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Dedicated To All Flirts: I Loved Someone.. But, Someone Broke My Heart Into Pieces.. And Now Every Piece Of My Heart Loves Someone.. People Call Me A Flirty..!

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