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If Sumone Calls U Crazy, Don't Mind, If Sumone Calls U Duffer,Relax, if Sumone Calls U Stupid Be Cool, But If Sumone Calls U "Cute". Lagana Thappar Os Pagal Ke Monh Pe, Mazak Ki B Koi Hud Hoti Hai.

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I Asked God For A Flower, He Gave Me A Garden I Asked For A Tree, He Gave Me A Forest, I Asked For A River, He Gave Me An Ocean, I Asked For An Angel, He Gave Me You.

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Difference between good girls and very good girls. Good girls open few buttons when environment is hot. Very good girls open all buttons to make environment hot.

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Whenever U Feel Sadness In Your Heart, Blackness In Your Eyes, Paleness On Your Face, Fragrance In Your Body, It Shows U Are Suffering Lack Of Vitamin "Me".

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Think Big, Think Smart, Think Positive, Think Beautiful, just Stop? It's too long for you. So, in short "Just Think About Me".

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Why Do Girls Look Beautiful? Is It Real Or Due To Make Up? All False Girls Look Beautiful Because . . Boys Have Good Imagination.

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