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Boy: A, B, C Girl: What ?? Boy: Always Be Careful Girl: Ahan Then ?? Boy: D, E, F, G Girl: ?? Boy: Don't Ever Forget That Girl: Hmmm... Boy: I'm H I Girl: What H I ?? Boy: Happily In Love Girl: So ?? Boy: J, K, L, M, - Just Keep Loving Me Girl: And How About N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ?? Boy: No Other Person Quite, Reasonable , Shall Treat U Very Well Xcept Me You'll Zee...

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I Lost My Heart From The Day You Come In To My Life.. You Hold Me Tight In My Thoughts All The Day And Night.. I Pray That All My Life, I Live With You.. .Because I Just See You.. As My Love & Life..

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Laying Close To You Each And Every Night Sharing Those Lovely Moments With Each Other And Falling In Love Again, Again And Again!

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As Days Go By, My Feelings Get Stronger, To Be In Ur Arms, I Can't Wait Any Longer. Look Into My Eyes & U'll See That It's True, Day & Night My Thoughts Are Of You.

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U Know I Don't Need A Pillow To Sleep On, I Don't Need The Best Bed, I Don't Even Need My Cute Teddy Also.! Whenever I Get Tired & Need To Relax. I Just Need Ur Chest T^o Put My Head On It, That Would Give Me The Best Comfort.!!

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Mai Apne Daaman Me Chupa Lu Tujhko, Dil Karta Hai Apna Bana Lu Tujhko, Marke Bhi Na Toote Ye Rishta Hamara, Is Tarah Apni Rooh Me Sama Lu Tujhko, Apni Baahon Me Is Tarah Se Le Lu Ke Fir Na Baahon Se Nikaalu Tujhko..!

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