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I Want 2 Be Surrounded By U Always, Day & Night. Urs Hugs Bring Strength Unknown. Ur Smiles Bring Sunshine 2 Brighten My Mood U R Voice Tells Tales 2 Sooth My Restless Soul U R Whisper Says I Love U Never Let Me Go.

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I Want U 2 Miss Me Wen U Think Of Me, Kiss Me Wen I'm There. Hold Me Like I'm You're Everything, Twiddle Your Fingers In My Hair.

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Come Let Me Love You, Let Me Give My Life To You Let Me Drown In Your Laughter, Let Me Die In Your Arms Let Me Lay Down Beside You, Let Me Always Be With You Come Let Me Love You, Come Love Me Again.

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I Feel Good, I Feel Nice I've Never Felt So Satisfied I'm In Love, I'm Alive Flying High It Feel Like A Dream Wen U Touch Me Tenderly I Dn't Know If It's Real But I Like D Way I Feel Inside.

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Every Breath You Take, every move You make, i Will Be There. what Will I Do without You, I want To Love you forever And Ever And Ever..

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Sham Dhali Fir Kaali Raat Aayi.. Dil Dharka Fir Tumhari Yaad Aayi.. Ankho Ne Mehsoos Kiya Us Hawa Ko.. Jo Tumhe Chhukar Hamare Pas Aayi..!

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