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You Are The First Thing I Think About When I Wake Up Just Thinking Of You Put The Biggest Smiles On My Face Every Love Song I Listen To I Think Of You I Will Do Anything In This World For You Coz You Are My World N Everything, Baby I Love You!

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Looking Into Your Eyes I Can See Beauty, Looking Into Your Soul I Can See Passion, Looking Into Your Mind I Can See Intelligence, But Looking Into Your Heart I Can See The World.

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A Girl's Head Is Always Down Because She Considers Her Boy To Be Her World N Gets Lost In It.. While A Boy's Head Is Always Up So That No Other Guy Dares To Look At His Girl..

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Whenever I Look Into Your Eyes, I Somehow Reach To A Paradise, Where There Is Just You And Me, And Being In Love Is Our Destiny, Where My Heart Beats Soft And Slow, Coz Every Beat Wants You To Know, That Only Thing My Heart Can Do, Is To Beat Forever In Love With You.

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I Love When You Play With My Hair.. I Love When You Hold My Hand.. I Love When You Touch My Lips.. Just A Feeling.. I Love It All The Time

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Everyone Says You Fall In Love Once, But That's Not True. Every Time I See You, I Just Fall In Love All Over Again.

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