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Cutest Proposal.. Boy: I Have A Big Question And I Am Hoping You Can Give Me The Answer.. Girl: What Is It? Boy: You See Most Part Of Our Body Has A Pair Right? Without Each One Our Body Is Unbalanced!! Ex: Hands, Eyes, Ears, Legs, Lungs, Kidney Etc.. Girl: So.. Whats The Question? Boy: The Question Is.. Can I Have Your Heart To Pair With My Heart?? Because Without You My Life Is Unbalanced!!! I Love You

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Just Three Little Words, Don't Seem Like Enough To Express My Love. For Someone Who Smiles To Brightens My Day, Whose Touch Can Make Me Forget The Rest Of World, They Don't Seem Like Enough, For Someone Who Always Been There To Celebrate With Me, When Everything Goes My Way. But Even Though I Love You, Can't Express The Depth Of My Feelings For You. I Hope You Know What's In My Heart, Because Loving You Means

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If Someone Would Ask Me What A Beautiful Life Means, I Would Lean My Head On Your Shoulder, Hold You Close To Me And Answer With A Smile.

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My Hands Feels Great When You Hold My Hands.. My Arms Feels Great When You Hug Me Tightly.. My Lip Feels Great When You Kiss Me.. My Eyes Feels Great When I See You.. My Heart Feels Awesome When You Love Me.. But I Can’t Feel Anything, If You Just Leave Me Away.. Cause Everything That Looks Or Feel Good On Me Is You..

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Unki Ek Muskaan Pe Chaand Bhi Sharmaata Hai.. Isliye To Kabi Kabi Parde Me Chhup Jaata Hai.. Aur Aata Hai Chupke Chupke Dabe Pau Raat Me.. Jab Mera Mehboob Gehri Neend Soo Jaata Hai..!

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I Wish I Could See Through Your Eyes So I Would Know What You Like To See. I Wish I Knew Your Wishes, So I Could Give You Everything You Want. I Wish I Dreamed The Same Dreams You Do, And Together We Could Make Them Come True. I Wish I Knew What Makes You Happy, So I Could Make You The Happiest Person In The Whole World. And Lastly, I Wish I Were A Cell In Your Blood, So I Would Be Sure I Was Somewhere In Your Heart.

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