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You Greeted Me Hi, I Didn’t Reply. You Gave Me A Sweet Smile, I Responded With A Sigh. You Showed Me Your Love, You Received A Shrug. But When You Bid Goodbye I Began To Cry. I Miss Yew Sweetheart..

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When I Miss You I Feel My Self In Pieces When I Miss You Tears Fill My Eyes When I Miss You I Want You Close When I Miss You I Dont Feel Like Whole O My Love Please Come Back And Complete My Soul..

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Please Check My English- - - Ab Cd Ef Gh Ij Kl Mn Op Qr St Vw Xyz.. Kya Maine Kuchh Mis Kiya ? -Yes- I Miss "U".

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MiSs You M: My Soul Needs You I: Impossible to Live Without You S: Scare Without You S: Simply You are My Life Y: You And Me Is The Same person O: Ofcoruse I LOve YOu ? U: Unlimited Of Words Cant Describe How Much I Needs You

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I Always Knew I Was Missing Apart Of Me, I Have Found That Part, It Is You, I'm Sure Of It, Ever Since You Came Into My Life, I Can't Stop Thinking About You.

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As The Day Gives Way To Night, I Miss You Having By My Side, My Heart Is Singing The Song To Say, I’ve Been Missing You More Than, Words Can Say,

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